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Winter Hats

If you're looking for a warm, stylish, easy item for promotion - beanies are a great choice! Easy to decorate, easy to distribute, everyone loves having a selection of beanies at their disposal. While they may seem simple, there are actually several styles and materials for beanies to consider when choosing what works best for your brand.


With no added length, a cuffless beanie is good for moderate weather because of the lack of additional material to protect your ears.


Our next beanie, naturally, is cuffed! Extra material to cuff over your forehead and ears for extra cold weather protection.


Trendsetters will enjoy a slouched beanie, extra long to create that hipster look!

Pom Pom Beanie

Not just for kids anymore, a casual pom pom beanie is festive and fun. They can trend more muted to striped and colorful.

Aside from beanies, there are winter hats such as Trapper hats, or Ushankas - hats with earflaps traditionally lined in fleece or fur that can strap underneath the chin. Also sometimes called a Bomber:

Whether you're looking for a traditional beanie or something that will truly catch the eye of a passerby, Armory Print Works can help you choose the right promo hat for your brand!

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