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Giving Employee Gifts They Actually Want!

Reward your staff with gifts they will use and appreciate!

The time of giving cheap throw away gifts are OVER! Eco minded and quality have transcended the gift giving market place and are what your teams desire! Don't waste your time or money on plastic water bottles or branded sanitizer, level up and provide thoughtful gifts that actually make your team member feel appreciated!

Keep these 4 key gift giving points at the forefront when selecting potential items to provide your team.

Usability - Make sure it's useful for more than just one occasion! We love gifts like the branded "Warm and Cozy Tub" depicted above! The treats are awesome, and the tub can be used in a variety of uses once the treats have long been enjoyed!

Contemporary - Select items that are new or recently new to the market place. It will show your employees that you understand the marketplace and are investing time in their gifts. What employee wouldn't love the Carthartt Cooler Backpack below. Carhartt brands is red hot right now and this gift is perfect for summer! You can personalize this piece or add your company branding!

Creative - Don't be afraid to go a bit "out of the box" when it comes to gift giving! Tech items like the bluetooth finder and key chain below provide a great arena to flex your creative muscle! Creativity is our specialty at Armory Print Works! Give us a call and we can help you select the right products!

Personalized - Finally, it may cost a few more pennies to personalize your gift giving through engraving or ordering one piece at a time, however, the sentimental value is priceless. Consider items like photo blankets, custom desk name plates or personalized pens.

At Armory Print Works, we are a full service agency skilled in finding the best gift items available today! Let's have a no obligation talk and see how we can best find you the gifts that your employees will appreciate and have them talking for years about!

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