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Top Promo Products of 2020

2020 has been a life and business-altering year - and promo products have been no different. Tried and true giveaways and promos have given way to important products like PPE and hand sanitizer. Where last year companies may have been looking for water bottles and tote bags more often, this year gaiters and comforting things like blankets have moved up the search list.

We at Armory Print Works can help you find all of these things and more! PPE, gaiters, and hand sanitizer to favorites such as pens, blankets, and tote bags. Here are some of our favorites from 2020:

Youth and Adult Masks for the Children's Institute:

Hand Sanitizer for the Northside Leadership Conference:

Bandanas for the Breakneck Tavern:

Decanter Set for Iron City Capital:

Golf Bag for IC Light:

Our sales team can help you choose some of these amazing promo products that will fit your company and brand! Contact us today and we formulate a plan for 2021 with the most impact to fit the image and budget to meet your needs.

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