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Holiday Buzz

It may only be August, but it's the perfect time to plan your executive and customer holiday gifts for 2020! It's never to early to make your list and check it twice to get ideas sent over from your promotional products dealer (like Armory!) to begin to narrow down the ideal and cost-appropriate gifts. You'll want to group your clients into several categories to keep organized:

New Customers

You probably don’t know your newest clients that well yet, and that’s OK. Go for gifts with universal appeal. For instance, who doesn’t like free food? Surprise new clients with a branded gift basket or bottle of wine and their hearts will feel as full as their stomachs.

Big Accounts

Show your largest accounts how much you appreciate their business with high-end items on par with the profits they brought in for you. For instance, a nice leather briefcase or satchel will be a win with any business professional. Or, give high-quality outerwear a try. They’ll see your branding and think of your company every time the weather gets cold.

Clients Who Are Friends

For clients you’re on a personal level with, your gifts can get a bit more intimate and creative. For instance: a customized calendar with a note about how you hope next year will be less busy for both of you, but that you loved staying busy working with them. Remember to think of their families, too. Your customers will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness of gifts like tech and trinkets that their kids can also enjoy.

Top Prospects

‘Tis the season to woo potential clients to work with you next year. Since you don’t have a personal relationship with these customers yet, opt for guaranteed crowd-pleasers like unisex apparel or bags anyone can use. Recipients will appreciate that you thought of them, and will think of you when they’re choosing who to give their business to.

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