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Five Promo Trends Moving into 2021

We're all anxiously awaiting the beginning of 2021 for many reasons - new year, new outlook! While it will bring new advances towards ending the pandemic, the first half of 2021 may look much like most of 2020 - working from home, social distancing, PPE, and masks. The promo products industry has learned to ebb and flow with the changing atmosphere, and there are several product trends we see continuing into 2021 with gusto.

1. Products to work-from-home

Useful items like tumblers, coffee mugs, and cozy items like blankets, will continue to thrive into the new year.

2. Tech and mobile accessories

Chargers, cables, and even items like UV disinfectors will always come in handy.

3. PPE, Hand Sanitizers, and Masks

While there is light at the end of the tunnel, we need to stay vigilant in our supply of PPE for our customers and clients.

4. Outdoor Promo

As a long winter wanes, spring will be here with the release of being able to participate in outdoor activities again! Maybe a camp chair, travel or picnic blanket, or outdoor game would do the trick.

5. Classics but Goodies

Smaller items that are easy to mail will flourish into 2021. Promo items like pens, and cell wallets are simple and inexpensive to send to your clients and customers.

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