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Employee Incentive Programs

Recruiting and maintaining happy employees is as important as ever, and there are many ways to provide incentives and engagement with those that work hard. Vacation time, health insurance, and longer meal breaks are the ones most commonly thought of, but a simple gesture such as a branded gift for an everyday "thank you" can go a long way. Here are a few ways we can help you encourage and retain great employees:

New Employee Gifts

Make new members of your staff feel welcome right off the bat with branded gifts and incentives. Promotional desk and office supplies make a great choice, giving new employees everything they need to start strong at their new job. Create a bundle of branded goodies by putting together notebooks, pens, planners and USB drives and leaving them on your staff member’s desk before they arrive.

Anniversary Gifts

Thank employees for their years of service by surprising them with anniversary gifts. You’ll want to spend a little more on upscale incentives for these promos to make your staff feel as appreciated as you want them to feel. Personalized plaques are great for commemorating a milestone. Or, try high-end paper weights, watches or drinkware. Logoed outerwear is always a top contender as well, and is great for keeping in the office for chilly mornings.

Award Programs

There are many opportunities to celebrate your employees’ hard work throughout the year. For instance, announce a sales contest for your account representatives and reward the employee with the highest revenue contribution with branded apparel or a wine gift basket. Celebrate top performers with personalized trophies and a President’s Award at the end of the year or quarter. It’s Ok to spend a little extra here, as your order quantities will be lower than company-wide promos.

Retirement Gifts

Show your appreciation for employees who have built their career with your company when it’s time for them to retire. For these staff members, invest in upscale collectibles that they can proudly display at home to remember their time working with you. Surprise them with high-end engraved crystal items, or a luxury engraved pen set for their home office. Don’t forget a plaque engraved with their years of service, too.

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