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Common Characteristics of Our Favorite Customers

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

A part of our job is helping you look like a rock star and hero at your company, here are some characteristics that ALL our favorite customers have in common!

1) They understand WE are a part of YOUR team- When you become a customer, we treat you like family. We listen, we help you shop, we find ideal products at pricing that are in your budget. We invest our energy into your project and do our best to make sure that your expectations are exceeded! It is our philosophy that when you succeed, we succeed, and we wouldn’t’ have it any other way!

2) They communicate timely and appropriately- Tell us what we need to know upfront. How many, what size, what is the budget, when do you need them by, etc. If we send you a proof, please look at it, send changes or approve it! If we call you in the middle of the process, please answer or call back as soon as you can. Once we start the process, any delays in communication could translate into longer lead times which will neither of us want! If something has changed, let us know! Help us, help you! We promise we are never calling to idle chat! But if you want to call to tell us about your day, we will happily take that call too!

3) They are reasonable- We understand the clients that call us and tell us they need it “yesterday” and from time to time, we can make this happen. We do ask that if your business is on a seasonal schedule, consider putting promotional merchandise purchases on your calendar- apparel, hats or whatever you may need. Please work us into your plan! Tell us when we should touch base with you, we are happy to do so! It breaks our hearts to say ‘no’ but if we are working together on a calendar plan, we are both able to have happy outcomes.

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