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All About Hats

Hats are one of the most commonly used promotional products in the market - but with so many choices available it's difficult to know where to start! Our quick guide will help you get started into the world of hats. We'll focus on cap styles this time and take a look at winter hats and decoration methods in additional blogs.

There are several primary styles to focus on with hats:


Baseball caps are the go-to for many promotions. They have a slightly curved or flat bill, usually six-panel construction that leads to a button detail at the top. Traditionally made of canvas or cotton.


Trucker caps are more and more popular these days! They are similar to baseball caps but are constructed of mesh except for the front two panels. Traditionally they'll have a snapback closure, which we'll go into more detail later.

Dad Hat

What makes a Dad Hat stand out is it's unstructured construction and are almost always cotton or canvas. Typically they'll have a buckle closure as well. A more casual look!

Camper Hat

Quickly becoming an often-requested style, camper hats have a flat bill, usually a buckle closure, and are made of a cotton or cotton/poly blend. Five-panel construction with the front wide panel gives it a athleisure, casual style.

Bucket Hat

A cotton or canvas wide-brimmed hat perfect for summer!


Finally we have a boonie - usually cotton/twill/canvas/poly blends, they are meant to be easily rolled up and packed away. They have a soft, floppy, wide brim and flat crown. Often with a chinstrap as well.

Now that we have the perfect hat chosen for your promotional needs, there are several choices for the closures on those hats:


Adjusted with two plastic snap-together tabs for a variety of lengths. Traditionally found on baseball caps and trucker caps.


Usually fitted in 1/8" increments with a little give for a fitted size. Often found in professional baseball caps.

Hook & Loop

In other words, Velcro. Popular for golf hats.


More casual feel, often used for unstructured hats such as Dad Hats.

Armory Print Works can help you find just the right combination of style and decoration in hats for your project and brand identity. We'll take a look at winter hats and decoration methods in the future!

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