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6 Tips to Selling More Brewery Merchandise

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

1) Make Merchandise Affordable- The lower the price, the more likely guests are to buy… provided the quality is there! By working with one printing company, you can get best pricing over and over. The merchandise company should be providing you with apparel options, price breaks, and design suggestions to meet your goals. If you have not asked for options in the past, START! This process is how you can ensure you are able to offer quality merchandise at an affordable price, that makes margin and furthers your branding!

2) Display Your Merchandise- Design an area of your Taproom for merchandise that is as well thought out as your amazing recipes! Let customers feel merch for quality, weight, etc when possible. Also, allow your staff to wear your merch! They are your best sales generators! If a bartender LOVES the new hoodie, they will tell every customer they have!

3) Variety- In Pittsburgh, we love our tees!!! Which means fresh, new merch is a must! However, not all guests wear apparel. This is where variety comes into play. Tangible items are a must! Stickers, coasters, specialty glassware, growlers, and man cave items sell! Offering Variety means widening reach!

4) Make It Relevant- Great design and logo placement, go a long way to deepen your branding impact on your guests. All merchandise should be an extension and reflection of your love of your brewery! What makes beer great is the distinguishing ways one is set apart from the other. Utilize design and relevance to guide your purchases. You should never just offer a tee shirt to have anything available.

5) Signature Item- Offer at least one item that can become a signature staple! A must have for your biggest fans. These items are just as unique as your beer. Tap handles, etched mirrors, can tackers, growlers are a good place to start your brainstorming on this item.

6) Merchandise Budgeting- The most successful brands view merchandise as an extension of their marketing budget. While there is revenue to be generated through sales, using that revenue to reinvest back into merchandise helps you grow your branding opportunities (by being able to offer more items), you can grow your business. When you evaluate your overall marketing plan, merchandise becomes a viable spend.

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