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2021 Colors of the Year

Color guru Pantone has chosen the colors for 2021 - Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow! While at first glance it may seem these colors have nothing in common, if we dig a little deeper we find a complimentary relationship that strengthens both colors.

Ultimate Grey conveys a solid fortitude but warmth at the same time. It has a quiet confidence of a foundation we can all build upon as we move forward in uncertain times.

Sunny Illuminating Yellow is just that - bright and encouraging for brighter things lay ahead! A color of positivity, visibility, and playfulness that will make you smile!

The combination of these two colors conveys that when we dig deep, we will find a warm, familiar foundation that we can all build upon for brighter days ahead. Both colors will be emphasized in everything from fashion to home furnishings, from promo products, to apparel choices, to logo design. Let us help you combine these inspirational colors into a cohesive look for your brand!

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