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Fall Sports

We're all still adjusting to "the new normal", and that includes fall sports and activities. But a limited audience doesn't mean you have to limit uniforms, promotional goodies, or participation gifts for the athletes!

Recruit Your Team

Get athletes in training excited to join your league by surprising them with athletic-themed giveaways like mini footballs, soccer balls, baseballs – whatever your chosen sport is. Upon registration, give every athlete some branded socks and a sports towel to wear during the season. Be sure to get their shirt size, too, so you can get team jerseys made that will fit everyone.

Surprises All Season Long

Players will appreciate branded giveaways that pump them up and let them show off their team pride. Hand out stickers, decals and pins emblazoned with their team name and mascot. Kids will love placing these on their bags and belongings. Or get them hyped up with apparel, such as outerwear they can wear over their uniforms.

For the Fans

Don’t forget about the fans in the stands that are allowed into games. Parents will love promos that let them support their little athletes, plus they’ll be willing to spend money to support booster clubs too. Set up tables at games where adults can purchase flags, pom-poms and noisemakers to cheer on the team as well as sweatshirts and jackets so they can match their kids and show their support.

Award Your MVPs

When the season is over, it’s time for the awards! Make sure you stock up on prizes for every player on your team. Kids will love trophies and plaques to commemorate the season, regardless of what place they finished in. Grab some goodies for superlatives and special titles too, like Most Team Spirit or Best Sportsmanship. Showing your appreciation will make athletes more likely to join again next year.

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